Language and Literature

Olivia Talks The Life Of A Librarian, The Impact of TikTok on Reading and The Future of Libraries

In this episode, I talk business with Olivia. The role of a Librarian is a varied one and in this episode, we break down any and all stereotypes of the role of a Librarian and the important part Olivia and her colleagues play in student development. We also delve into the impact of TikTok on reading and how reading is now cool again (in case you thought it ever wasn’t šŸ™‚ )


Michelle Talks Financial Copywriting, Being a Children’s Book Author and Top Tips for Linkedin

In this episode, I talk business with Michelle Eshkeri. Michelle is both a Financial Copywriter and a published author of children’s books.  Whilst this might seem an unusual combination, this episode features Michelle’s story of how she discovered the joy in her career through her family and by finding her passion.


Ebony Talks Formy Books, Celebrating Black Culture in Children’s Literature and Independent Publishing

In this episode, I chat to Ebony Lyon, co-founder and Head of Marketing at Formy Books. We discussed where the idea for Formy Books came from, why the message of celebrating black culture is important, how a diverse range of creators are included in the entire independent publishing process and what’s next for Ebony and the brilliant Formy Books.


Casey Bailey Talks Being The Birmingham Poet Laureate, The Future of The Arts, Careers in Poetry and More

In this episode, I chat to Birmingham Poet Laureate, Casey Bailey. We talk about Casey’s unrelenting work ethic, his role as a teacher, authenticity, poetry, the legacy of the Commonwealth Games, the future of the arts and more.


Kerrie Talks Overcoming Challenges, Media Representations of Disability, Living with Cerebral Palsy and More

In this episode, I spoke with Kerrie about her career journey to her current role as a freelance writer and reviewer. We discussed how to overcome challenges and failures, career pathways not going in the direction initially planned, living with cerebral palsy, representation of disabilities in the media and some top-notch advice for anybody out there who is facing a challenge or a fear of failure.


Katie Lowe Talks Careers in Creative Writing, Life As a Novelist and Marketing

In this episode, I talk to Katie Lowe. Katie is the author of three published novels and has a varied career revolving around creative writing. You’ll hear the insights into all of this as well as life as a student studying for a PhD, the importance of feminism and some honest life and career advice throughout.


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