ICT and Computing

Tara Talks Careers in ICT, Technology and Challenging/Destroying Gender Stereotypes

In this episode, I chat to Tara.  We discuss Tara’s career journey to her current role as Chief Technology Officer at Motorpoint, the ever-changing nature of the ICT and technology industry, the stereotypes and barriers she has battled along the way and advice for people wanting to get started in this exciting industry.


Hamzah Talks Software Product Management, Overcoming Adversity and How To Ace An Interview

In this episode, I speak to a former student of mine, Hamzah. He shares his journey from being expelled from school, to heartbreak on A-Level results day and then onto a successful career as a Software Product Manager (whilst achieving a First Class Honours degree along the way!). There’s so much honest advice in here for school, college and University leavers, job applicants and anybody who needs a reminder that you can overcome obstacles put in your way.


Diana Talks SEO, PPC, Improving Search Engine Rankings and Careers in the Tech Industry

In this episode, I chat to Diana. Diana is an expert in SEO, PPC and optimising a business’ search results ranking. Diana has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share on this industry as well as the importance of e-commerce, social media, career advice and more.


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