Graduates and Former Students

Tayyib and Sam Talk Film Production, Working In The Film Industry and How To Make It In Movies

In this episode, I chat to Tayyib and Sam. Tayyib is a former student of mine (albeit for not very long) and Sam was his Media Studies Teacher at college. Tayyib has gone on to work on many major blockbusters that you’ve already seen, or will be seeing soon, and his success is down to his passion, his work ethic, his positivity, his fearlessness and having an amazing Teacher like Sam at a pivotal moment in his life. You’ll hear all of this and more in this fun and inspirational episode.


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Umara Talks Gap Years, University, Employment, Mental Health, Life Lessons and More

In this episode, I talk to Umara, a former student of mine in A-Level Business. Umara has life stories galore with advice on everything ranging from college work, gap years, University choices, employment, discrimination, mental health and more.


Khayam Talks Work Ethic, Life As A Graduate, The Importance of Volunteering and More

This episode features a former student of mine, Khayam. We talk about the importance of a work ethic, skills learnt from volunteering, the realities of life after University and advice for people still studying and about to enter the workplace.


Hamzah Talks Software Product Management, Overcoming Adversity and How To Ace An Interview

In this episode, I speak to a former student of mine, Hamzah. He shares his journey from being expelled from school, to heartbreak on A-Level results day and then onto a successful career as a Software Product Manager (whilst achieving a First Class Honours degree along the way!). There’s so much honest advice in here for school, college and University leavers, job applicants and anybody who needs a reminder that you can overcome obstacles put in your way.


Ismail Talks Life After College, Starting A Business & Car Customisation

In this episode, I chat to Ismail. He’s an former student of mine who has gone on to form a variety of successful enterprises since leaving college. He now runs his own business as well as attending University. Ismail gives a great insight into life after college, starting a small business, car customisation and more.


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