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Iona Talks Theme Park and Attraction Design, The Inspiration For Her Career and Tips For Budding Designers

In this episode, I talk business with Iona.  Currently based in Orlando, Florida, Iona designs theme parks and attractions but how does she do it? You’ll hear the inspiration behind Iona’s career journey, what she needs to consider when working on a new concept and her views on the current and future state of the exciting theme park industry.


James Merry Talks His Career Journey In Acting, Education, Children’s TV and Advice For Young Actors

In this episode, I chat to James Merry. We discuss James’s continuing career journey through the world of acting which includes education, commercials, TV dramas and children’s TV (which, as you probably know, focuses on Waffle The Wonder Dog). You’ll get an honest opinion on how glamorous the world of acting can be as well as some crucial advice for aspiring actors everywhere. You can check out James’ educational services at Time 2 Act.


Dean Talks Graphic Design, How To Get Started in the Industry and How To Be A Successful Graphic Designer

This episode features Dean, a Graphic Designer of 20+ years and an old school friend. We talk about Dean’s studies of graphic design, his career journey, what life is really like as a Graphic Designer as well as some brilliant, honest and invaluable career advice for budding graphic designers.


New episodes coming soon

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